Remote Session Drummer

Custom Live Drum & Percussion Tracks made for your music.

Simple process:
πŸ“¨ 1. Send your music.
🎀  2. Drums are Recorded.
πŸ“© 3. Download your HQ Drum recording

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No longer rely on the same boring drum loops and samples.

Quick, Simple, Affordable. Allows your music to stand out from the crowd with unique and original percussion/drum parts

We offer bands, artists, songwriters & producers the oppertunity to have a real drum kit recorded to their music, without the hassle of booking studio time, session musicians, travel.

The drum kit & percussion setup (inlcunding mic placement) can be custom built to fit the needs of your song.

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Contact Me to discuss your drum recording!

Drum Kit Options:
14″ Snare
10″ x 8″
12″ x 9″
13″ x 10″
14″ x 14″
16″ x 16″
22″ x 18″
Pearl Export (4 x high toms, mid floor tom, low floor tom, Bass Drum)

– UFIP 14″ Hi Hat
– Pearl 16″ Crash
– Stagg 16″ Crash
– Tiger 16″ Ride
– Custom 16″ Jazz Ride
– Sizzle Chains (the jazz sound)

– Tamborine
– Egg Shaker
– Various Tribal Shakers (Shells)
– Meinl Bongo
– Djembe